Master Class with Cathy Young (Mini-Fest, American Dance Legacy Initiative)


Granoff Center for the Creative Arts

Cathy Young is nationally recognized as a master teacher and has taught classes at more than 30 colleges around the country, as well as at the Bates Dance Festival, Florida Dance Festival and the International Open Look Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia. As a performer, Young has danced with a number of companies, including Zenon Dance Company and Danny Buraczeski’s JAZZDANCE, and has toured extensively throughout the US and Europe. For the past 20 years, Young has focused on creating her own work, a dynamic mix of styles and dance forms, for her own company Cathy Young Dance, and she has been commissioned by major companies around the world. She was previously department chair at Ursinus College in Pennsylvania and now proudly serves as director of the Dance Division for The Boston Conservatory.

Young’s classes celebrate jazz dance as a dynamic, expressive, complex, and continuously evolving form. Because jazz dance is inspired by vernacular dance and music, her classes explore movement that has its roots in African-American dances such as the Cakewalk, the Charleston, the Lindy Hop and hip hop as well as the Mambo and Salsa of Latin America. Young integrates the complexity of elements from current and classical jazz movement techniques with somatics. Her warm-up is organic and "body-friendly," yet also physically rigorous. The movement explores a wide range of jazz styles with a focus on elements such as isolation, swing, pulse, and rhythmic variations. All levels of dancers are welcome.

ADLI Mini-Fest is part of Widening the Circle: Intersections of Art, Science and Community, a series of master classes, lecture demonstrations, performances, and seminars February 21-March 8 presented by FirstWorks and American Dance Legacy Initiative, in collaboration with Artists and Scientists as Partners, Brown University, and Mark Morris Dance Group.

Location: Granoff Center, Studio One