Panel: AmeriCorps in Providence


John Nicholas Brown Center, Library 357 Benefit Street, Providence

What is AmeriCorps doing in Providence? What difference does it make? And how can you get involved? Come hear Brown alumni, AmeriCorps members, and those who work with them talking about the important work taking place in Providence. Panelists will talk about their opportunities and experiences as Corps members and about some of the projects underway at schools, environmental organizations, and cultural institutions.

In addition to learning about the experiences of individuals, let's talk about this work and its impact locally. How do organizations get Americorps workers? What are they doing/providing? And what is the impact -- how does Corps membership impact the careers of the individuals? What impact does it have on the communities they serve - and how is this impact measured? In addition, what is the impact for the organizations where members serve -- how does it allow them to expand their capacity? Is there a downside to creating positions or programs that cannot be sustained? And, perhaps most difficult to assess, what does the presence of so many AmeriCorps members mean for the ongoing health of the city's nonprofit sector?

This panel discussion is co-sponsored by the Brown's CareerLAB.