Santuario Project

November 1, 2016 to November 21, 2016
Granoff Center for the Creative Arts

Santuario (a project by Rica Maestas, MA'18) is a space and occasion to make peace with your past, honor your memories, and move forward feeling lighter and open to new experience. From November 2-22, search your life and find something you want to let go of – resentment, nostalgia, regret, loss, etc. – and excise that feeling in the form of a meaningful object. Once this object is identified, please bring it by living room 4N of the Granoff Center and lay it to rest. More info here.

Schedule of Events:

11/2 at 7pm – Santuario opening and Anthology conference
11/17 at 6pm – Midpoint discussion and snack – Where does it all go when Santuario is gone?
11/22 at 6pm– Participatory deinstallation and final act of catharsis