Stih and Schnock


John Nicholas Brown Center 357 Benefit Street

LIFE~BOAT: Collections and Hybridity  (a conceptual workshop for Artists) explores our relationship to and obsession with boats and the sea. The physical aspects of the uncontrolled, often dangerous, bodies of water are ever present as they create the psychological need to overcome nature’s force and to develop survival strategies. This workshop reflected on how the arts create metaphors for longings and projections, where dreams and nightmares fuse into each other and touch social and political topics. The participants encountered elements of familiar places in the most unlikely of territories and discussed cultural conversion in relation to cultural mobility. The encounter of maritime topics and objects created a model of the world in miniature, exposing cultural hybridity in an abstract kind of travel, visualized in a multi-media installation as combined result of the workshop.

Faciltiated by Renata Stih and Frieder Schnock, conceptual artists