Curatorial Fellowship

A small number of Master's in public humanities students are awarded Curatorial Fellowships to bring their expertise in exhibit design, digital scholarship, and public programs to Brown departments, centers, galleries and libraries. Curatorial Fellows receive a yearly stipend ($15,000) and work 12-15 hours per week for their two years in the MA program.  All students who request financial support from the program are eligible to be considered for curatorial fellowships available in the fall of their entry year.  No additional paperwork is required. 

In the past, we had curatorial fellows working at Brown University Library, Brown Arts Institute, Instructional Technology Group, Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity, Swearer Center, and Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America. The curatorial fellowships vary from year to year, and are offered if funding is available at the sponsoring departments.

Past and current curatorial fellows

Instructional Technology Group, Teaching with Technology Innovation Fellow

Jenny Park, MA'21

Maddie Mott, MA'20

Andrea Ledesma, MA'17

Brown Arts Institute Fellows

Hilary Bergen, MA'23

Kennedy Jones, MA'23

Susana Turbay, MA'23

Kate Hao, MA'22

Andrea Goodman, MA'21

Deborah Krieger, MA'21

Alex Parker-Guerrero, MA'20

Emma Boast, MA'19

Julia Renaud, MA'19

Taylor Jackson, MA'19

Emily Sellon, MA'17

Sophia LaCava-Bohanan, MA'15

Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity Curatorial Fellow

Larissa Nez, MA'22

Meera White, MA'20

Maria Paula Garcia-Mosquera, MA'18

Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship Communications Fellow

Alyssa Trejo

Swearer Center Curatorial Fellow

Traci Picard, MA'22

Taylor Jackson, MA'19

Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America Curatorial Fellow

Alex Parker-Guerrero, MA'20

Brigitte Santana, MA'18

Brown University Library Curatorial Fellow

Sarah Dylla, MA'16