Tuition Scholarships

Public Humanities Master's students are eligible for partial tuition scholarships* provided by the Center for Public Humanities. In recent years, most admitted students who request program aid on their applications have been awarded a tuition scholarship equal up to 40% of the tuition cost for the duration of the program.  The tuition scholarship award is conditional upon satisfactory academic progress.

Students who require additional support are encouraged to visit the  Office of Financial Aid, which can provide information on student loans and leads on sources of funding beyond Brown University.

In addition to tuition scholarships, the Center for Public Humanities provides other forms of support for student activities. 

Conference Funds*

Public humanities Master's students are awarded up to $500 award to offset participation expenses in up to two conferences or workshops during enrollment in the program. 

In addition to the professional development funds offered by the Center, students can apply for the Graduate School Conference Travel Funds and Graduate Student Council Travel Funds.

Summer Practicum Funding*

The Center has limited funds to offer some financial support (up to $3,000) to help Master's students defray the cost of living expenses during the summer practicum.

*PhD Students who are getting a transitional Master's degree in public humanities are not eligible for tuition scholarship, conference funding or summer practicum funding.