MA Program Requirements

The Master's in Public Humanities program requires completion of twelve courses and summer practicum.  Full-time Master's students typically complete the degree in two years.

Required Courses

  • AMST 2650, Introduction to Public Humanities (usually competed in the 1st year)
  • AMST 2540, Methods in Public Humanities (usually completed in the 1st year)
  • AMST 2680, Semester Practicum in Public Humanities (usually completed in the 3rd or 4th semester of the program)

In addition to the required courses, students must complete:

  • At least one upper-level seminar in American Studies
  • Eight elective courses (approved by the Director of Graduate Studies)
  • Summer Practicum in Public Humanities (required but uncredited, usually completed during the summer following the 1st year of classes)

American Studies PhD students who are also receiving an M.A in Public Humanities are required to complete only the Summer Practicum.