M.A. Program Requirements

The Master's in Public Humanities program requires completion of twelve courses and a summer practicum.  Full-time Master's students typically complete the degree in two years.

Required Courses
  • PHUM 2010, Introduction to Public Humanities (formerly AMST 2650) (usually competed in the 1st year) 
  • PHUM 2020, Methods in Public Humanities (formerly AMST 2540) (usually completed in the 1st year)
  • PHUM 2025, Semester Practicum in Public Humanities* (formerly AMST 2680) (usually completed in the 3rd or 4th semester of the program)

In addition to the required courses, students must complete:

  • At least three 2000-level seminar in Public Humanities (PHUM designation) and a choice of three upper-level seminars in two different departments, such as Anthropology, History of Art and Architecture, Archaeology, History, and Theatre Arts & Performance Studies. 
  • Three elective courses (approved by the Director of Graduate Studies), chosen from any department at Brown (frequently chosen: Africana Studies, Sociology, Religious Studies, Modern Culture and Media) or RISD/Harvard Graduate courses.
  • Summer Practicum in Public Humanities (required but uncredited, usually completed during the summer following the 1st year of classes)
  • Regular participation in the weekly lunchtime lecture series.

Students are strongly encouraged to:

  • Complete an optional Master's Thesis (paper or project).  Students who select Master's Thesis option must complete the Master's Thesis in Public Humanities, Declaration Form as soon as possible. Master's Thesis completion timeline for Spring 2022 is here.
  • Select one of the three tracks: Museum Studies Track, Cultural Management Track, or Historic Preservation and Heritage Track. (track selection is optional)

*Ph.D. students who are also receiving an M.A. in Public Humanities are required to complete only the Summer Practicum, and not the Semester Practicum.

Sample classes in each partner department:

AMST 2600 Intro to Digital Humanities
PHUM 2014 Museum Interpretation Practices
PHUM 2015 Public Art: History, Theory, and Practice
PHUM 2022 Public in Persons: Along Humanities' Ethical Edges
AMST 1510 Museum Collecting and Collections
AMST 2630 Public Amnesias and Their Discontents: Theories and Practices of Remembering and Forgetting
AMST 2685 Critical Approaches to Preservation and Cultural Heritage
HIAA 2920 Methods of Research and Art Historical Interpretation
HIAA 1880 Criticality and Modern Art
HIAA 1888 Exhibition as Medium
ANTH 1201 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis
ANTH 1940 Ethnographic Research Methods
ANTH 1901 Anthropology in/of the Museum
ARCH 1792 Archaeology of Slavery
ARCH 1805 Archaeology of the US: Material Approach to the Contemporary World
ARCH 1822 Anthropology of Place
HIST 1956A Thinking Historically: A History of History Writing
HIST 1964 Slavery in the Early Modern World
HIST 1930G Black Freedom Struggle Since 1945
TAPS 2575 Theater History in a Changing Present
TAPS 1100 Stage Management
TAPS 1280 Introduction to Set Design