Public Humanities Master's Theses

Last year, four students in the Class of 2022 completed Master’s Thesis, a new option available to Public Humanities Master's students. The award committee (Professors Steve Lubar, Diane O’Donoghue and DietrichNeumann) was delighted with the outcome, the range and diversity of approaches, and decided to honor each of the four students who took on the challenge with a Distinguished Thesis Award. Congratulations to Ariel, Felicia, Miranda and Rai!!

Felicia Bartley, MA'22, Indian People Cultural Center, Albuquerque, NM.

Thesis Committee: Robert Preucel, James Manning Professor of Anthropology, Director of Haffenreffer Museum (Advisor); Adrienne J.Keene, Assistant Professor of American Studies; and Theodore S. Jojola, School of  Architecture + Planning, University of New Mexico .

Ariel Lynch, MA'22, Resonance: Notes on Love & Sound.

Thesis Committee: Sophie Abramowitz, Postdoctoral Fellow Department of American Studies & Center for Digital Scholarship (Advisor); and Diane O’Donoghue, Visiting Professor of Public Humanities.

Rai Terry, MA'22, Memoriam: Legacy, Vibration and Mourning in Archival Technologies.

Thesis Committee: Sophie Abramowitz, Postdoctoral Fellow, American Studies & Center for Digital Scholarship (Advisor);  and Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman, Associate Professor of American Studies and English.

Miranda Worl, MA'22, Recommendations for the Alaska State Museum Code of Ethics: on the Rights of Native Peoples.

Thesis Committee: Steven Lubar, Professor of American Studies, Professor of History, Director of Center for Digital Scholarship (Advisor); Nadia Sethi, The CIRI Foundation; and Anjuli Grantham, The Alaska State Museum.