Student Projects

The M.A. program in public humanities encourages students to develop their skills through group and independent projects. Some of these take place at the Center. Others are staged at different places on the Brown campus, or in the community, while others exist online. Projects include oral history collections, curated objects and spaces, historical interpretation, exhibitions, community collaborations, primary source research, public programs, and many other components of the public humanities.

Some recent student projects are listed here. Some are class projects, some ongoing Center projects, some work by individuals or groups of students.

African American Providence: An Exhibit and Walking Tour

The Archive & the Ephemeral

Changing America, RI / Changing America: The Emancipation Proclamation, 1863 and the March on Washington, 1963

Endangered Places, Emerging Stories

Governor Stephen Hopkins House 

I was there project

Jane's Walk Providence

Jenks Museum

Mapping Arts, Providence

Mashapaug's Neighbors: Stories from Beyond the Pond

The Meridian Project

Mobile Museum of American Artifacts

New England Gravestones and the Iconography of Death

Smellscapes of Eminönü

The Tunnel Under the City

Wasteland Twinnings

Weaving Stories, Weaving Lives: Maya Textiles from Guatemala to New Bedford

West Offaly Heritage: New Media, New Audiences

The Wonder Show

You Are Here: Archiving Providence

Public Humanities Events