Year of the City: The Providence Project

yotc_logos_Page_1_0.jpgA current initiative at the Public Humanities Center is Year of the City: The Providence Project, a year-long collaboration in 2019 co-organized by the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Providence Public Library and Providence City Arts with funding from the City of Providence's Arts, Culture and Tourism office, the Center for Public Humanities, Providence Tourism Council and Rhode Island Council for the Humanities.

Year of the City brings together more than 50 public programs over the course of the year that explore the history, life and culture of Providence's twenty-five neighborhoods through exhibitions, performances, walks, lectures, and conferences.  Some Year of the City exhibitions will be up for many months; other events are fleeting.  Some programs have been initiated by the city's largest cultural and historic institutions; others have been created by individuals working with shoestring budgets in unexpected spaces throughout Providence.  Together, these projects reveal new stories and new ways of thinking about this city. Check out the poster (below), events calendar, and find out how to participate as a project curator at and follow the project on Facebook and Instagram.  Connect with Marisa Brown at the Center for Public Humanities to find out more ([email protected]).

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