Ariana Wescott


I’m an artist with a strong interest in combining my personal practice with community engagement. Before coming to Brown, I spent three years with the Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP) at the University of Michigan as part of a curatorial group and as a co-facilitator for workshops in color theory, painting, drawing, and photography. As a curator, I spent several months of the year traveling around the state of Michigan to collect artwork from our incarcerated artists, visiting around fifteen of the thirty prisons in the state. At Brown, I hope to continue working with prison populations in the arts, either with adults—which comprised the majority of my undergraduate work—or with juveniles, whom I worked with for several months through the Youth Arts Alliance in Michigan. I also plan to use my time at Brown to expand my creative practice and continuing to curate with the intention of connecting communities. My future professional goals include the pursuit of a Ph. D in Education in order to promote student involvement with prisoners as workshop facilitators and peers to inmates via a non-profit, museum, or university.