Howie Sneider

Public Humanities Fellow

Howie Sneider's childhood exploration of the forests and hills of Central New York inspired his sense of wonderment and discovery. He searched for his voice from a young age, participating in, and documenting animal rights demonstrations for the Animal Defense League of Syracuse and lobbying for reproductive rights in Albany with other teens. After graduating with a degree in Sculpture from RISD, he participated in Fluxus events in Providence and co-founded the Public-Projects Department at the Steel Yard (in Providence) with a community of engaged and inspired partners. From 2006-2012 Public Projects allowed him to work with over 250 individual artists and to install hundreds of custom functional art objects in public spaces throughout the State of Rhode Island. He is an active board member of the Community Built Association, and a former board member of Groundwork Rhode Island. He is an exhibiting artist making monuments to peace and has been the Executive Director of the Steel Yard since 2013.