Isabella Robbins


Yá'át'ééh! My name is Isabella Robbins and I will be entering the Brown School of Public Humanities as the inaugural Native American and Indigenous Studies Initiative Fellow. I am a citizen of the Navajo Nation and I recently graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in Art History. During my undergraduate years, I was able to take my first art history courses, sparking my interest in the (mis)representation of Native and Indigenous peoples in museum spaces, National Parks, and intersection of the two. So far, I have been able to work as an intern in the museum collections of Yosemite National Park and Grand Canyon National Park, and as an intern to the curator of the Arts of Africa and the Americas at the Cantor Arts Center. During my time at Brown, I will be working in the Haffenreffer Museum and I look forward learning more about the Indigenous peoples of Rhode Island and the greater New England area. Through my education and as a future museum professional, I hope to find ways to bridge past Indigenous histories with continuing, contemporary ones in respectful and accessible ways. Finally, I am interested in reclamation of storytelling and Native voices in museums, but also how those elements are reclaimed in other spaces like public art displays, graffiti, and social justice movements.