Johanna Obenda


My name is Johanna Obenda, and I received a BA in History from the University of Alabama in 2016. As an undergraduate student, I developed a passion for storytelling, particularly stories of the black experience and the transatlantic slave trade. I was able to explore and share these stories through various mediums, including documentary film, podcasting, and academic research. My interest in history and cultural studies, multimedia work, and public engagement led me to museums and museum education. I have explored the ways museums act as platforms for accessible learning at The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. At Brown I hope to continue expanding my understanding of Public Humanities and to study who gets to share history and stories with the public and how they choose to do so. Specifically, I am interested in focusing on the ways slavery is depicted in popular culture (art, media, literature) and the ways slavery and its legacies affect our collective understanding of both the past and present. I hope to further develop my knowledge of the varied realities of the African Diaspora while continuing to develop my understanding of the role of museums and cultural institutions in displaying and sharing these narratives with the public. Check out my website to view my projects and learn a bit more about me!