Kristen Iemma

MA'19American Studies PhD Student
[email protected]

I am a PhD student in American Studies with an interest in institutional record keeping, state-controlled repositories, and attendant questions of representation, authority, memory transmission, and community identity formation. In particular, I am interested in the ways in which collective memory is augmented and altered by official archival records, as well as the democratizing potentials of “alternative archives” to highlight stories otherwise obscured by hegemonic narratives. Prior to coming to Brown, my work has also addressed issues of information justice, digital rights, and privacy. I hold an MS in Library and Information Science and a BA in Anthropology. I have worked in a wide range of archives, largely within museums and cultural heritage organizations, as well as working for a number of years in non-profit performing arts administration. My professional and academic life has centered on community driven work, and I am excited to further this practice through the Public Humanities Center. Some of my work can be found at