Maddie Mott

MA'20Executive Assistant, John Carter Brown Library, Brown University
[email protected]

I am an administrative historian, fundraiser, and small museum advocate from Portland, Oregon. I’ve done work in development, grant research and planning, and exhibit development at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and the Clackamas County Historical Society, but no work gets me more excited than realizing the potential of a small history museum. I think that small museums are the backbones of a community, the preservers of its heritage, and just as valuable as the Field or the Met, but they often face a unique set of constraints that make change feel like an impossible task. While at Brown, I plan on studying innovative methods to make smaller institutions more inclusive, accessible, and most importantly, sustainable. After graduation, I will start my own consulting firm that takes these strategies to small museums in order to relieve some of the burdens they may carry. Besides changemaking, my other passions include quiche, video games, and Instagramming pictures of my taxidermy duckling.  Check out my website,, for a complete resume and project list!