Meera White


I'm Meera White! I've spent the past four years studying American History and Latino Studies/Spanish language at a small college in the rural Midwest. I'm originally from the historic West End in Atlanta, Georgia. My upbringing in the South has contributed to my interest in Civil Rights era history and the use of accessible history to communicate that narrative. In the past, I have lived and worked on the U.S.-Mexico border studying the impact of political iconography and visual imagery. I have also worked on the publications of curatorial projects in contemporary African American history at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. These two experiences have led me to focus on the intersections between public art and public history, especially as utilized by historically oppressed groups and communities. I am passionate about public history from the angle of digital media and archives, using imaging technologies and online platforms to widen exposure to different narratives. While at Brown, I hope to continue expanding and developing these passions.