Molly Pailet


I am passionate about applied history, non-traditional education, and creating opportunities for engagement and connection. My interest in how history can function outside of a textbook evolved during my time at Bates College (History BA). Undertaking a bachelor’s thesis project deepened my interest in creating historical projects centered around people and reinforced my love for accessible and relevant academia. In my thesis I examined possible historical and cultural insights and explanations for the Czech Republic’s secular, yet culturally christian atmosphere. Before coming to Brown I interned and worked with various institutions in educational and exhibit development roles (Bates College Museum, History Colorado, the Dikeou Collection, and the Byers-Evans House). I was able to further indulge my interest in Slavic history and culture by working as a teacher in the Czech Republic with the Fulbright Program. My Czech experience prompted musings about identity, history, and connection to place- which I intend to explore at Brown. Teaching abroad strengthened my belief in the need to create multicultural connections/understanding and in the power of education. I plan to give life to these beliefs as I continue pursuing a people oriented career path rooted in the humanities.