Ryan Saglio


I am a Rhode Island native who graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2015 with my BA in English and Art History. While in school, my research focused on the ethical, aesthetic, and technical aspects of conservation and display of ancient antiquities. My research spawned an interest in how ideas and information spread through various types of communication and how we, as the public, perceive it. I am also fascinated by the concepts of originality and uniqueness and how our perception of them, change our view of the world. For the past five years, I have worked with children and adults with developmental delays and helped them learn to access their communities. I have learned that most community spaces are not as accessible to that population as we might think. Often spaces are limiting both physically and intellectually.  My goal here at Brown is to expand not only my research and interest in communication and reception but to work to make public spaces more inclusive for all types of people. I hope to take these interests and experiences and become a museum educator. Art and culture has always been a passion and I hope to take the insights I have gained and make museums more accessible for all.