Undergraduate Resources

The public humanities program primarily focuses on graduate student education, but there are plenty of ways for undergraduates to get involved.  Most public humanities classes welcome undergraduates who want to learn more about methods of public engagement, including exhibitions, interpretation, and public programming.  AMST 1550, Methods in Public Humanities, is a good place to start.  It offers an introduction to many of the issues faced by professionals working in museums, historical societies, and arts organizations and includes exhibits and other hands-on assignments.  Undergraduates also have enjoyed courses in oral history, historic site interpretation, public art, and urban cultural heritage. These courses are typically offered with the AMST course listing prefix and many include hands-on projects that give students the chance to present their work to audiences off campus.

Outside of the classroom, students can learn and interact with students and professionals through the Center's workshops and other events.  A gallery has been used by students for exhibits of class work and senior projects. And staff of the public humanities center have served as thesis readers and advisors.  

Resources for undergraduates:

Public Humanities Events