Jeanine Staples, "You Need Another Lover: How White Supremacist Patriarchal Ideologies Prompt The Generation Of Toxic Lover Identities In Black Women And How Those Identities Are Killing Us" [VIDEO]

Pembroke Hall, Room 305

In this public lecture, scholar, educator, and activist Jeanine Staples will share her groundbreaking research on the five toxic lover identities defensively constructed among marginalized women who have suffered from unmediated relational and social t/Terrors. In her presentation, Dr. Staples will illuminate the complex sociocultural and socioemotional consequences of these identities and offer a solution that can salvage not only the souls and soma of these women, but also the social and emotional justice movements they have founded and advance for the benefit of all humankind.

About the book
The Revelations of Asher offers an ethnographic inquiry into black women's experiences of relationships, community, violence, and literacy. The author hopes that the book can serve as a new model of arts-based narrative inquiry into epistemological and ontological frameworks of women's voices and stories as they relate to the work of social and emotional justice. She presents seven identities, or fragmented selves, as metaphors for different aspects of black women's experiences in relationships. The book's audience includes readers interested in feminist studies, Black studies, African American studies, and gender studies.  

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Free & open to the public. Wheelchair accessible. Book sale/signing and light reception to follow.

Presented by CSREA with support from the Brown University Graduate School.

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