The Third Rail Series

third rail
1. The rail that supplies the high voltage to power a train on an electric railway.
2. A subject that tends to be avoided because of its controversial nature.

The Third Rail Series aims to address some of the most thorny and contentious social, political and cultural issues related to race and ethnicity in contemporary society. 

Charged yet pivotal subjects such as affirmative action, welfare, immigration amnesty, reconciliation over slavery and Native American sovereignty, genocide, structural racism, colorblindness, cultural/racial/ethnic stereotype, mass media imagery and everyday racism will be addressed by respected scholars on the subject. Their accessible public presentations will be designed to inform and move public discussion forward. 

White Fragility and Its Impact on Diversity and Inclusion Efforts on Campus
Robin DiAngelo, Author and Scholar
March 18, 2017 

The Fight to Vote
Michael Waldman, president of the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law
April 21, 2016 

Dog Whistle Politics: Coded Racism and Inequality for All
Ian Haney López, UC Berkeley
April 2, 2015 

Decorating the Way to Other Worlds: Why Race and Space Matter Now
Dr. George Lipsitz, UC Santa Barbara
April 3, 2014