CSREA Fellows Seminar

The CSREA Fellows Seminar is designed to create intellectual community among a small group of advanced graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty working on race and ethnicity. In addition to creating intellectual synergies, this seminar aims to create deeper cross-generational/cross-rank mentorship and dialogue.

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Welfare is Work: Social Welfare, Migration, and Women's Activism in Puerto Rican Communities after 1917
Emma Amador

Selling Culture
Amanda T. Boston

Rethinking the Drowning of New Orleans
Jordan T. Camp

Organizing While Undocumented
Kevin Escudero

Bad Girls and the Good War: Race, Gender, and the Nationalization of Morals Policing in World War II
Anne Gray Fischer

Food Security through an Indigenous Lens: Quechua and Maori Food Security/Sovereignty Contributions
Mariaelena Huambachano

Indivisibility of Land and Mind: Archaeology, Language and Collaborative Engagement
Nicholas Laluk

Inherently Racial: The U.S. Immigration System, Racial Resentment, and White Public Opinion on Immigration Policy
Yalidy Matos

Undetectable Living: The Making of Moral Lives Among Haitians Living with HIV
Chelsea Cormier McSwiggin

Queer Betrayals: The Treason Trial of John David Provoo
Naoko Shibusawa

Afro-Theism and Post-Democracy
Andre Willis