Religious Studies announces new undergraduate research prizes

The Department is delighted to announce the Bishop McVickar Prizes for Research.  The awards are designed to defray the costs of research on the senior thesis, allowing students to enhance their thesis projects.  Bishop McVickar Prizes for Research ordinarily offer up to $300 for research expenses including but not limited to:

(Distributed February 28, 2019)

Eighth North American Syriac Symposium Announces Call For Papers

The Eighth North American Syriac Symposium will convene on June 16-19, 2019.  Held every four years since 1991, the North American Syriac Symposium brings together scholars and students for exchange and discussion on a wide variety of topics related to the language, literature, and cultural history of Syriac Christianity, extending chronologically from the first centuries CE to the present day and geographically from Syriac Christianity's homeland in the Middle East to Sout India, China, and th

(Distributed September 6, 2018)

Religious Studies Fall 2018 Courses

Check out Religious Studies Fall 2018 courses as you shop this semester.  Religious Studies is the principal site on campus to engage in research and teaching that pertains to the various manifestations of religion.  Many of today's pressing political and social concerns are illuminated by understanding the religious beliefs and practices that lie beneath the news headlines.  Take a look at our

(Distributed September 6, 2018)

Religious Studies welcomes Prof. Jae H. Han to the faculty

Jae Hee Han comes to Brown after receiving his PhD in Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. His current research focuses on constructions of prophethood and revelatory knowledge, especially among communities and intellectuals in late antique Syro-Mesopotamia. He is broadly interested in ancient forms of Judaism and early Christianity in both the Roman and Sasanian Persian Empires.

(Distributed August 31, 2018)
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