Graduate Student Conference


All events to take place in Salomon 001 unless otherwise noted. 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Keynote Address
"Live at Napa State Mental Hospital"
Prof. John Lardas Modern, Franklin and Marshall College

Dinner for participants.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Salomon Lower Lobby (immediately outside room 001)

I. Morning Session: Doing Things with Demons

Prof. Nancy Khalek, Brown University, moderator
Anna Bialek, Brown University, respondent 

"When a Bad Being Does Good Things: The Demon as the Unsung Hero of the Mahabharata"
Vishal Sharma (Department for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto)

"The Hellhound of the Qur'an: Investigations of a Dog at the Gate of the Underworld"
George Archer (Theology, Georgetown)

"Dangerous Demons and Savvy Sages: The non-human Other and rabbinic identity in Late Antiquity"
Sara Ronis (Religious Studies, Yale University)

"Mourning and the Malevolent: An Analysis of the Lament of Raksas Women in Valmiki's Ramayana"
Grace MacCormick (M.A., Department for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto)

"Domesticating the Jinn: Sayyid Ahmad Kan's Exegesis of the Quran"
Mian Muhammad Nauman Faizi (Ph.D., Scripture, Interpretation and Practice Program, Department of Religious Studies, University of Virginia) 


II.  Late Morning Session: The Politics of Composite Creatures

Prof. Nicola Denzey-Lewis, Brown University, moderator
Andrew Tobolowsky, Brown University, respondent 

"The Sea Monster Ketos as Jonah's 'Great Fish' in Early Christian Art"
Mark D. Ellison (Ph.D., Early Christianity, Department of Religion, Vanderbilt University)

"Demonizing Dissent in Medieval Japan: Tengu and Religious Rhetoric in the Konjaku Monogatari"
Benjamin D. Cox, (Ph.D., Religious Studies, University of Texas at Austin)

"Counterintuitive Mischwesen: A Cognitive Approach to the Iconography of Hybrid Creatures in the Ancient Near East"
Brett Maiden (Religion, Emory University)

Lunch Break

III.  Afternoon Session: The Unnatural in Narrative and Art

Prof. Stephen Bush, Brown University, moderator
Nicholas Friesner, Brown University, respondent 

"Tolkien's Fairy-Stories and Desmond's Metaxu: On Secondary Belief and the Primary Ethos"
Michelle J. Falcetano (Department of Philosophy, Villanova University)

"'And I knew there was a dead man in my room': Haunting and Modernity in Industrial Pittsburgh"
Andrew McKee (Department of Religion, Florida State University)

"The Disenchanted Gothic: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein as Religious Declension Narrative"
Don Jolly (M.A., Religion, New York University)

"Monstrous Religious Authority in the films of Paul Thomas Anderson"
Dana Logan (Ph.D., Religious Studies, University of Indiana-Bloomington)


IV. Late Afternoon Session: Bodies and Boundaries

Prof. Susan Ashbrook Harvey, Brown University, moderator
David Lê, Brown University, respondent 

"Barbarians Upon the Horizon: Ethnoreligious Difference in the Colonial Imagination"
Angel J. Gallardo (Ph.D., Relgion & Culture, Religious Studies, Southern Methodist University) 

"Embodying Disordered Economy: A Study in Byzantine Theology"
Jessica Wong (Religion, Duke University)

"The Supernatural, Disability, and the Hermeneutics of Childbearing: Reading Martha Beck's Expecting Adam"
Andrew Walker-Cornetta (M.A., Religious Studies, New York University)

"Reconsidering the Kapalika: Multiple Interpretations and Diversity in Hinduism Made Accessible by the Intriguingly Grisly"
Seth Ligo (Ph.D., Religion, Duke University)


Closing Remarks

Dinner for participants.

*A pdf of the program can be found here.