Ph.D. Job Candidates

Ph.D. Job Candidates

Stephen YoungStephen Young

Stephen Young, Ph.D. Candidate
Dolores Zohrab Liebman Fellow 

Curriculum Vitae

Stephen is a teacher and scholar of Religious Studis who focuses on Judaism in the Hellenistic through early Roman Imperial periods and Christianity in the first through second centuries.  He uses his expertise in these areas to explore myths and mythmaking, textuality and sacred books, discourses and ideologies about deities, and ideas and rituals related to the afterlife.  And he pursues these interests in dialogue with critical theories and methods in religious studies, social theory, gender theories, and cognitive science.

His dissertation focuses on Paul's reuse of culturally availably mythic materials in order to promote his Jewish Christ-cult to potential initiates in the Greco-Roman Mediterranean.  In addition to his expertise in Biblical Studies and ancient Mediterranean religion, Stephen also researches modern American religion, with particular attention to the cultural or intellectual "elites" among American Evangelical Christians.  His research thus far has resulted in six peer-reviewed articles in the Journal of Biblical Literature, the Harvard Theological Review, Biblical Interpretation, the Journal for the Study of the New Testament, and the Journal of Early Christian History.

Stephen's research and teaching interests incude New Testament and Early Christianity, Second Temple Judaism, Hebrew Bible, Textual Production and Sacred Books in the Ancient Mediterranean, Myths and Mythmaking in Religious Studies, Greco-Roman Discourses about Deities, the Afterlife in the Ancient Mediterranean, American Evangelicalism, Theory and Methodology in Religious Studies, Gender and Religion, and Religions of the World.