The Bishop McVickar Prize

The Bishop McVickar Prize

The Bishop McVickar prizes were instituted in 1909 by the Rt. Rev. William Neilson McVickar, Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Dioceses of Rhode Island, 1898-1910, and are now awarded from the income of a fund established in 1923 in his memory by his sister, Miss E. C. McVickar.  The prizes are awarded for the best papers submitted under conditions designated by the Department of Religious Studies.

The prize is awarded annually for the best senior thesis of high quality and acaemic worth from any concentration submitted on any topic related to the study of religion.

Submissions must be received electronically (pdf) no later than April 15 (or the next weekday following if April 15 falls on a weekend).  Please submit to, and put "submission for McVickar prize" in the cover email.

For more information on formatting, please click here.  For more information on the McVickar Prize, contact Assistant Professor Daniel Vaca.

Theses can be accessed via the Brown Digital Repository.