The Bishop McVickar Prize

2012-2013 Winners

Theses can be accessed via the Brown Digital Repository.

First Place: 

Lex Rofes: "More than Words on a Page: An Exploration of the Jewish Kol Nidre Declaration"

Second Place: 

Eric Young: "Sacred Land, Sacred Community: The Interface of Catholicism and the Environmental Work of New  Orleans and East Vietnamese Americans"

Third Place shared by:

Benjamin Marcus: "On Religious Literacy and Easy Definitions: A Survey-Based Look at the Complexity of Religious Identity Formation and Perception"

Michael Z. Mezera: "'New Democrats: Two Contemporary Approaches to Religious Reasoning, Pluralism, and Organizing in the Public Sphere"


Honorable Mentions:

Hiroe Hu: "The Concept of Self in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Morita Therapy: The Similarities and Differences in the Therapeutic Mechanisms, Philosophies, and Methods."

Elizabeth Matthews: "Interpretations of Ahlquist v. City of Cranston: Inter-spherical Relationships and the Threat of Alienation in Public Discourse"

Matthew Peterson: "From Heaven to Earth: On the Religious and Aesthetic in Feuerbach, Wagner, and Nietzche"