Undergraduate Study

Honors Thesis Proposal Guidelines

Please submit an Honors Thesis proposal, as described below, to the Deparmental Administrator, Tina Creamer.  All forms can be found at the bottom of this page.

PLEASE NOTE: Before you submit your proposal, please have the faculty member who is advising your honors thesis read and sign the proposal.  


This proposal is due by May 7th, in the spring semester of your junior year.  It shoud be sumitted together with your Senior Project Information Form.

Honors Thesis Proposal Guidelines:

At the beginning of the proposal list your name, the name of your thesis advisor, the title of the proposed thesis, and the date.

The thesis proposal should contain THREE paragraphs, single spaced, on ONE page.

First Paragraph: TOPIC
What tipic do you intend to investigate?  What issue, person, text, ritual, art object, community, tradition, or geographical location (etc.) is of interest to you?  What range of materials, people, communities and time frames do you intend your research to cover?

Second Paragraph: QUESTIONS
What kinds of questions do you intend to ask in relation to the topic you are choosing?  What interests you about this phenomenon?  What would you like to learn through your study?

Third Paragraph: METHODS
What methodological approach(es) do you intend to take?  In other words, how do you intend to gather resources for answering questions you would like to ask in relation to the topic you are choosing?  Do you plan to provide a close reading of texts or artifacts?  Do you lan to interview people?  Why?  To what ends?  How do you intend to use the data/research you collect?