Current Year Courses


2017-2018 Courses in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies 


FALL 2017

The following courses may be of interest to Renaissance and Early Modern Studies concentrators. Please see the sponsoring department for the time and location of each course.

Comparative Literature
COLT 0610E - Crisis and Identity in Mexico, 1519-1968, S.Merrim
COLT 0810H - How Not to Be a Hero, K.Haynes

ENGL 1361G - Tolkien and the Renaissance, J.Kuzner
ENGL 1361H - Shakespearean Comedy, K.Newman

French Studies
FREN1410T - L'expérience des réfugiés/immigrés, V. Krause
FREN 2130 – Au-delà de l’Europe: La France et le monde au XVIIe siècle, L. Seifert

Hispanic Studies
HISP 1240O - Theater of Renaissance England and Spain, L.Bass

HIST 0233 - Colonial Latin America, R.Cope
HIST 0580M - The Age of Revolutions, 1760-1824, J.Mumford

HIST 1964A - Age of Impostors: Fraud, Identification, and the Self in Early Modern Europe, T. Nummedal
HIST 1964F - Early Modern Ireland, 
T. Harris
HIST 1966Q - Colonial Encounters and the Creation of Latin America, R. Cope

History of Art and Architecture
HIAA 0660 - Giotto to Watteau: Introduction to the Art of Europe from Renaissance to French Revolution, J. Muller
HIAA 1600A - Bosch and Bruegel: Art Turns the World Upside Down, J. Muller

Italian Studies
ITAL 1010 - Dante in English Translation: Dante's World and the Invention of Modernity, R. Martinez
ITAL 1610 - The Divina Commedia: Inferno and Purgatorio, R. Martinez

MUSC 1500A - Major Masters and Repertoires of Music: Bach, L.F. Jodry

Portuguese and Brazilian Studies
POBS 0910 - On the Dawn of Modernity, Freshman Seminar, O. Almeida


Spring 2018

 Comparative Literature
COLT 0510P - Reading the Renaissance, S.Foley
COLT 1813N - Early Modern Women's Writing, S. Merrim

ENGL 0310A - Shakespeare, J.Kuzner

HIST 0150F - Pirates, R.Cope
HIST 1266D - British History, 1660-1800, T. Harris
HIST 1440 - The Ottomans: Faith, Law, Empire, F. Ahmed
HIST 1825F - Nature, Knowledge, Power in Renaissance Europe, T. Nummedal
HIST 1964D – Women in Early Modern England, T. Harrris
HIST 1964J – Descartes’ World, H. Cook
HIST 1967T - History of the Andes from the Incas to Evo Morales, J.Mumford

History of Art and Architecture
HIAA 0560 - Popes and Pilgrims in Renaissance Rome, E. Lincoln
HIAA 1560A - Italy and the Mediterranean, E. Lincoln
HIAA 1600C - Italian Baroque Painting and Sculpture, J. Muller

ITAL 1020 - Boccaccio's Decameron, M.Riva
ITAL 1620 - The Divina Commedia: Dante's Paradiso: Justifying a Cosmos, R. Martinez

MUSC 0910 - Medieval and Renaissance Music, L.F.Jodry