The purpose of the Rhodes Center is to promote path-breaking scholarly research and enhance teaching in the area of international economics and finance and to make contributions to the policy dialogue on issues in international economics and finance. The Center primarily seeks to advance the study of cross-border movements of capital, goods, services, and people, while also improving the understanding of cross-country differences in growth, development, and income distribution.

 The Center uses a number of strategies to accomplish these objectives, including:

1. Research conferences to boost the quality and relevance of Center-sponsored research, stimulate new areas of inquiry, and disseminate Center-sponsored research.
2. Visitors / Speakers to enrich the intellectual climate on campus and inform participants about innovative research, policy considerations, and market developments.
3. Seed money grants to promote research exhibiting great promise of appearing in top disciplinary journals, shaping scholarship, informing policy debates, and attracting outside funding.

 This site contains detailed information about upcoming as well as past events and research that the Rhodes Center has sponsored. The site also contains information about resources offered by the Center to the Brown community.

 The Rhodes Center was founded in 2007 with the generous support of William R. Rhodes, a class of 1957 graduate of Brown University. The Center is located at 70 Waterman St. in Providence, Rhode Island.