The Rhodes Center sponsors conferences, lectures, and distinguished visitors in order to raise the level of discussion on international economic issues at Brown. Such events highlight areas of innovative research and issues currently important to policymakers. This in turn enriches interaction among Brown faculty and students, boosting the quality and relevance of research sponsored by the Center.

 In the past, the Rhodes Center has organized several major conferences on topics such as financial innovation and the effect of networks on economic decisions. Many speakers have been invited to present research at seminars and discuss with members of the Brown community research ideas in international economic and finance.

 Additionally, the Center sponsors two annual lecture series: 

 (i) The Frederic B. Garonzik '64 Lecture Series on international economics and finance. This series is funded by memorial gifts made to the University by friends and family in honor of Frederic B. Garonzik '64. The inaugural lecture was November 7, 2011 by Professor Kenneth Rogoff, Harvard University.

(ii) The ConocoPhillips Lecture Series on international economics and finance, funded by a gift from ConocoPhillips.