Recent Conferences


Growth conference "Deep Determinants of International Comparative Development" took place on May 11-12, 2013. 


The twice-annual BREAD conference was held on April 26-27 in Watson Institute. 



The ConocoPhillips Lecture "Risks to Global Financial Stability:   Lessons Learned and Future Threats" was presented by Professor Robin Lumsdaine (Kogod School of Business at American University) on February 28, 2013. 




Economics in the Real World Symposium: The Ongoing Economic Crisis in Europe
December 8, 2012

The symposium "Economics in the Real World" is organized by the Economics Department and held annually, around a topic of major interest in which economics and economic policy questions will be discussed. This year the symposium is devoted to the economic crisis in Europe. The panel discussion participants are Professor Michael Klein (Tufts University), Nicola Cetorelli, Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Professor Gauti Eggertsson (Brown University), Professor Jose Manuel Campa (IESE). 



The Bernard I. Fain Lecture 
December 7, 2012
The lecturer, José Manuel Campa, is Professor of Financial Management at IESE Business School and until recently served as the Secretary of State for Economic Affairs in Spain’s Ministry of Economy and Finance. The title of his talk is "Challenges in the Adjustment of the Euro Area". 

 This year the Fain lecture is part of the annual Symposium “Economics in the Real World: The Ongoing Economic Crisis in Europe”. 


"Leadership Lessons from the Front Lines of Global Finance"

November 1, 2012, Watson Institute for International Studies

A discussion with William R. Rhodes  '57  LHD '05 (Hon.)

International financial diplomat William Rhodes talks about the current economic and financial challenges facing the economies of Europe, Japan, China, and South Korea.  During this talk hosted by the Japan Society, Mr. Rhodes is joined by Harold McGraw III, president and CEO of McGraw-Hill Companies.        


Networks and the global economy   

May 21-22, 2011, Population Studies and Training Center 

 The conference focused on how international networks shape an array of      economic and business decisions.  


Is modern finance wealth creating or wealth diverting? Ideas and policies for enhancing welfare-improving financial innovations   

 December 10, 2010, Watson Institute for International Studies

The conference considered the pros and cons of financial innovation, as well as the full range of policy issues surrounding financial innovation. It brought together academics, private sector professionals, journalists, and people with policy experience. 


International Economic Development    

 May 1-2, 2008, Watson Institute of International Studies

Jointly Sponsored with the Bureau for Research in the Economic Analysis of Development (BREAD) 

This conference brought to Brown approximately 40 of the world’s top junior and senior development economists. 


International and Global Challenges    

 April 25-26, 2008, Watson Institute of International Studies 

This conference included an impressive list of speakers from around the world, including two winners of the John Bates Clark Award given every two years to the best economist under the age of 40.