The Program in Science and Technology Studies does not offer graduate degrees. However, M.A. or PhD students who work on Science and Technology Studies and related topics are strongly encouraged to contact Brett Zehner about their interests and to subscribe to our listserv to find out about events. There is also a reading group that intersted students can join. Our faculty work with graduate students in a number of areas, serving, for example, on preliminary exam and dissertation committees for students in other programs. 

In the 2004-2005 academic year, graduate students in Science Studies related topics formed a Mellon Workshop entitled "Science & Technology Studies: Methods of Research." This Mellon workshop served as a forum for graduate students from a broad range of departments who identify themselves as working within Science & Technology Studies (STS). In fostering such a community at Brown, the Mellon Workshop encouraged interdisciplinary investigation and exchange of the diverse methodologies associated with STS. In addition to sharing the topics and methodologies of their dissertation research, participants in this workshop engaged with the work of scholars who have undertaken the task of defining STS. The collaboration culminated in an international graduate student conference on the history, philosophy, and sociology of science, technology, and medicine: Mephistos 2005.