Undergraduate Concentration: 

Science, Technology, and Society is an interdisciplinary concentration that examines the processes of scientific discovery and the establishment of scientific policies and systems of belief from historical, philosophical, anthropological, and sociological perspectives. 

Concentrators analyze the practices, norms, and values that reflect and shape our deepest convictions about what is considered "science." Students select courses in the physical sciences, life sciences, or mathematics and choose a thematic track that may include the history and philosophy of science, gender and science, race, science and ethnicity, health and medicine, environment and society, or they may create their own independent focus. Science and Society prepares students to follow, guide, and shape scientific knowledge as it travels from the laboratory into the public arena.

How to Declare

Students can contact the advisor for their year for more information on the Science, Technology, and Society concentration and how to declare.

  • Class of 2023: Debbie Weinstein - American Studies
  • Class of 2024: Xan Chacko -  Science, Technology, and Society
  • Class of 2025: Xan Chacko - Science, Technology, and Society

To declare a Science, Technology, and Society concentration, visit Advising Sidekick.