Science and Society DUG Holds First Degree Day!

On Saturday, April 27, 2013, three recent Science and Society alumni, Cara Smith '11, Sophia Li '11.5, and Nathan Margolin '11, joined a group of potential and current Science and Society concentrators for the department's first ever Degree Day. A Degree Day is an opportunity for alumni to return to campus and speak with concentrators about the impact of their degree on their careers post-Brown. Together, Cara, Sophia, and Nathan represented the wide variety of career paths available to Science in Society concentrators after graduation, including translational medicine, journalism, and education. A big Thank You to these three alumni for taking time out of their busy schedules to share their experiences with us!

Featured Alumni:

 Cara Smith '11 - Cara Smith graduated in 2011 as a Science in Society concentrator.  While at Brown she received both the Starr and Royce Fellowships for separate projects.  In the summer of 2009 Cara traveled to Honduras to research the efficacy of a women’s empowerment program in Santa Lucia.  She then received a Starr Fellowship to travel to Mumbai for four months to co-design a program providing nutritional supplements to HIV positive pediatric patients at Sion Hospital.  She played Division I rugby while at Brown and was a TA for introductory biology classes.  Since graduating, Cara was hired as a head technician in an Allergy and Immunology lab at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  Working in translational medicine, Cara studies the disease Eosinophilic Esophagitis in both patients and mice.  Starting in August, Cara will start classes for an MD/MA in Urban Bioethics in Philadelphia.

Nathan Margolin '11 - Nathan Margolin grew up in New Jersey and graduated from Brown in 2011.  His Science and Society concentration focused around biology and the history and philosophy of science.  He was a premed student from sophomore year through the end of organic chemistry senior year, but instead entered the Boston Teacher Residency upon graduating Brown.  Through BTR, one of the top teacher preparation programs in the country, Nathan spent last year teaching alongside a mentor teacher in the Boston Public Schools, and he earned a Masters in Education in 2012.  Nathan is currently working at Excel High School in South Boston, teaching physics to students with disabilities.

Sophia Li '11.5 - Sophia Li '11.5 grew up in California, Connecticut, and a few states in between. At Brown, she volunteered with Project HEALTH (now known as Health Leads), taught in Olneyville with English for Action, and spent too many late nights eating donuts in the office of The Brown Daily Herald. After graduating, she interned at DISCOVER magazine. She is now a researcher at Popular Science magazine. Her freelance writing has appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education, DISCOVER, and the now defunct New York Times Green blog.