The Science Center at Brown promotes faculty in the sciences who are engaged science curricula innovation for teaching and research and provides students with science-specific advising and academic support to encourage their curiosities around science. The Center strives to foster an inviting atmosphere and programming about how science works, generally, to the local community. 

The Center serves our faculty by identifying and designing broader impact activities to support their funded external research grants.  Faculty and peer advisors from across the science disciplines offer informative sessions about research opportunities in the sciences. They also gather to share their research, discuss ideas and best practices for creating inclusive classrooms, and coordinate large group study or lab sessions. 

The Science Center offers students a space to connect with each other through study, by engaging in outreach activities and participating in pre-professional development activities. The Center is home to Brown’s flagship academic peer-mentoring programs, the New Scientist (NS) and Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE). These programs provide support and community for undergraduate students studying in all science fields and who are from historically underrepresented groups or are women, respectively. As well, the Center supports the Brown-RISD programming for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM).