Small Group Facilitation Fundamentals & Addressing Challenges in Facilitation

Small Group Facilitation Fundamentals (SGFF) and Addressing Challenges in Facilitation (ACiF) are designed as a pair in which instructors who will be facilitating small group interactions in their courses attend SGFF prior to (or very soon after) the first day of classes, and then follow up about their experiences a few weeks into the semester by attending ACiF. 

SGFF Description

Recommended for NEW instructors, this training covers some fundamental best practices for introducing facilitated small group work into your teaching practice. Topics include best practices in STEM at Brown, hands-on practice as a facilitator, and writing team contracts in assigned groups.

ACiF Description 

Recommended for EXPERIENCED instructors, this training builds on participants’ previous experiences and creates a space for sharing ongoing challenges in facilitating small group work and useful strategies to address those challenges in STEM at Brown.


Helping Your Students Learn to Learn


Recommended for all instructors, this training introduces the difference between shallow and deep processing and provides tips on how to help students get the most out of their time spent studying STEM at Brown.


Inclusive STEM Teaching

Available through the Women Educators Teaching in STEM wiki