Please note that most of these assessment tools are not publicly available to preserve their validity; that is, if the students who are being assessed could access the assessment, they could prepare prior to taking the assessment and skew the results. However, all of the assessments are available upon request of the developers, either as a confidential file or via a provided password. If you are having difficulty obtaining a particular assessment, please contact David Targan.

Externally Developed Assessment Tools


Effective Communication Skills Inventory

Teaching Goals Inventory


Chemistry Concept Inventory (CCI) by Mulford & Robinson

Chemistry Concept Inventory (ChCI) by Krause et al.

University of Minnesota Assessment for Second Semester Chemistry (UnMMASSC)


Force Concept Inventory (FCI)

Brief Electricity and Magnetism Assessment (BEMA)

Internally Developed Assessment Tools


CHEM0330 Knowledge Survey


ENGN0030 Knowledge Survey


PHYS0050/0060 Mathematical Concept Inventory - contact Andrei Korotkov