Mentoring Programs

Mentoring programs and pre-orientation programs at Brown assist undergraduate students with the transition to life as college science student. Science Center programs showcase the resources and opportunities available to Brown undergraduates.

Programs sponsored by the Science Center include Catalyst, the New Scientist Program, and Women in Science and Engineering.


The Catalyst pre-orientation program is a unique blended-learning program at Brown University that prepares incoming first-years for the rigors of a science concentration at Brown. Funded by a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and run by the New Scientist Program at Brown University, Catalyst embraces the belief that through collaboration with peers, continual engagement with problem solving, and the support of an entire community, students can thrive in the sciences. 

For more information, visit the Catalyst website.

New Scientist Program (NSP)

The New Scientist Program (NSP) supports students who are under represented in the sciences who are pursuing STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) concentrations.  NSP hosts events at which professors speak about their research and their experiences as faculty of color in the sciences; helps students access tutoring and information about research opportunities; and provides partial funding that allows students  to attend science-related conferences. 

Women in Science & Engineering (WiSE)

Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) was established to encourage women to study the sciences.  The program helps students learn about professional opportunities in the sciences and provides them with tools to help them overcome challenges women frequently encounter in academia and the workforce.  WiSE has a membership of more than 700 students and faculty from all fields of science at Brown.  WiSE members provide a support network of resources and information, including outreach to first-year students, mentoring programs, affinity groups, lecture and events series, an outreach program, and a women of color group.