Brown University shieldBrown University

Anthropocene: human // nature (2018-2019)

How do we experience our relationship with nature? The Science Center at Brown University presents its 2018-19 art exhibition, Anthropocene: human // nature. The Anthropocene describes the current geological time period, defined by significant human impact on the Earth.

The featured pieces offer perspectives from across the sciences, arts, and humanities on the complex relationships between humans and the natural world: from prints, drawings, and musical performances that explore cultural and personal identities in the Anthropocene, to photo transfers that express the spirituality of nature, to digital collages and photographs that trace the histories of and dissonances between the natural and built environments. This exhibit seeks to bring these forms in conversation with one another, exploring how we interpret both meaningful and destructive interactions between humans and nature. What does your coexistence with the Earth mean for you?

Wendy Cohen
Celinie Nguyen

Hillary Brame
Shawn Bush
Kat Chavez
Jaehong Chung
Jennifer Gribben
Ethan Kyzivat
Chae Lee
Jenn Livermore
Isabela Miñana Lovelace
Srivinas Reddy, Ph.D.