Faculty Mentors

Brown Mentors

Brown Beckman Scholars choose their mentors from a diverse pool of faculty biologists and chemists. At MBL, potential mentors include 11 biologists working in three research centers. Faculty mentors at Brown were selected for the caliber of their research, their commitment to undergraduates, and their ability and desire to conduct collaborative research with MBL scientists.

Mol. Pharmacology, Physiology & Bioengineering Dept:

  • Jeff Morgan

Dept of Neuroscience:

  • David Berson

Dept. of Molec Bio, Cell Bio and Biochem:

  • Susan Gerbi
  • Art Salomon
  • Gary Wessel

Chemistry Dept:

  • Shouheng Sun
  • Jason Sello
  • Carthene Bazemore Walker

Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology:

  • Marc Tatar
  • David Rand
  • Daniel Weinreich
  • Heather Leslie
  • Sharon Swartz
  • Casey Dunn
  • Stephen Porder

A partial list of MBL mentors:

If you have any questions regarding the Beckman Scholars Program, please contact Dean Targan