Entropy 2017-2018

Entropy Opening ReceptionEntropy Opening Reception
Entropy: Chaos and Order

How do we understand entropy — the degree of disorder in a system? The Brown University Science Center presents an exhibition investigating what it means to be ordered and chaotic, rational and irrational, planned and random, across various media, disciplines and belief systems. The pieces featured in this exhibit represent the diverse forms ir/rationality and chaos take across the sciences, arts, and humanities: from sculptures that question the intersection of gender with memory and labor, to digital visualizations of mathematical operations, to drawings, poems, and paintings that express mental, emotional, and physical deterioration and resilience. As an interdisciplinary space, the Science Center seeks to bring these forms in conversation with one another, exploring how we interpret entropy, chaos and order in our world. What does entropy mean to you?

Curated by the Science Center exhibits team, Wendy Cohen, Natasha Orlando Figueiredo, Kenji Endo, Teri Minogue, this year's exhibit features artwork, written pieces, and multimedia works by the following students, alumni, and faculty: Jennifer Vinegar Avery, Nikolas Baya, Leanne Block, Matthew Bowler, Jaehong Chung, Tia Forsman, Stephen Gervais, Ali Jafri, Leekyung Kang, Colin Kent-Daggett, Tasha Kim, Rica Maestas, Becki Marcus, Corey Marsh, Hope McGovern, Angela Pizzuto, Aaron Ray, Jeremy Rehm, Mia Rollins, Katie Rowe, Claire Schlaikjer, Erina Shibata, Taro Shima, Javier Syquia, Brendan Walsh. 

The Entropy Exhibit will be on display at the Science Center through the 2017-2018 academic year. The Science Center follows the Sciences Library’s hours of operations.

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