Main Room Policies

Main Room Reservations & Requirements
SC 315 

The Science Center main room can be reserved up to 4 weeks in advance.  Please allow 3-5 buisness days for the processing of main room requests.

Brown BAT Keys

A Brown Account Trigger (BAT) key is required for all Main Room Reservations.  BAT Keys will be charged in the event the room is left damaged or unclean following a reservation. Requesters who do not maintain a clean space will not be allowed reserve the main room in the future. Because the main room is utilized by individual studying when events are not occuring, we expect the space to be ready for use following events. You can obtain the BAT Key for your respective group by contacting your department financial coordinator.

Reoccuring Reservations

Standing (reoccurring) reservations can only be placed by Science Center affiliated programs. Nonaffiliated programs are limited to 1 event per week and up to three events per month*.  For single events spanning 3 or more days please contact

*A maximum of 2 out of 3 events can share the same weekday and time for non-affiliated programs.

Space Maintence & Courtesy

Science Center guests are welcome to rearrange the furniture and bring limited quantities of food and beverages into the Center. Please note that the Science Center does not provide event support to guests utilizing the main room.  It is the responsibility of the requester to clean up after an event and place trash in the appropriate receptacles near the kitchenette.  Trash bags, cleaning supplies and a vacuum are available behind the front desk. When you book your reservation, please include enough time to setup and cleanup after your event.

Organizers are also responsible for ensuring events guests behave in a non-disruptive manner.  The main room is not soundproof, therefore, event participants should maintain a comfortable noise level.

A/V Information

This room is equipped with a podium, a projection system, 2 large LCD display screens, and dry erase space. 

Directions for connecting your laptop to the system are available in the room above the A/V touch screens, as well as on the podium. Please note that the system is currently set up so that guests can simply "plug and play." 

There is one VGA and one HDMI cable installed in the room. Additional VGA cables are available for loan in the Friedman Study Center, located on Level A of the Sciences Library. Please remember to bring the appropriate VGA/HDMI dongle/adapter for your device.

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