Main Room Reservation Policy

Standard Reservation

The Main Room may be reserved for science-related meetings or events. Any Brown faculty, administrator or student with a department sponsor may submit a reservation request. 

All reservations must adhere to the following rules: 

  • Only one reservation allowed per week per entity
  • Standing or regularly occurring reservations are only allowed for programs affiliated with the Science Center
  • Advance reservations up to 4 weeks only

Regularly Occurring Reservations 

Regularly occurring reservations refers to an event that spans two or more days. Or any event that occurs on the same day and time more than three times per month. 

Responsibilities of Organizers

BAT Keys:

A Brown Account Trigger (BAT) key is required for all reservations and will be charged for: 

  • Any damages made to furniture, equipment, carpet, walls etc. 
  • Failure to remove food and or clean the space sufficiently for immediate use 

To obtain a BAT key, contact your sponsoring department office manager. 


Furniture can be rearranged, and food and beverages may be served in the Main Room.  Organizers must clean up and return the room to a usable state after their event. We can provide limited cleaning supplies, inquire at the front desk. 

Room layout and A/V Equipment

The Main Room is not sound proof, but it can be closed off for privacy. A comfortable noise level must be maintained for the benefit of other users of the Science Center during your event.  It is equipped with a podium, a projector, a wall-sized whiteboard, and two large LCD screens. Also, there is a VGA and a HDMI cable in the room, but additional cables can be borrowed from the Friedman Study Center, located on level A, of the building. 

Most laptops can be connected to the A/V system. Please bring the appropriate dongle/adapter for your device, as we have limited selections. Directions for connecting your device are posted at the front of the room on the board. 

Confirmation of Reservations

All reservations placed through our Google Forms will be reviewed, then confirmed or denied within 3 days of the original request. View the calendar for availability. Reserve the Main Room here