Science Advisory Board

Oludurotimi Adetunji 
Associate Dean of the College for Undergraduate Research and Inclusive Science
(401) 863-6890, Box 1828, UH

Dean Adetunji oversees STEM initiatives in several areas including Alternative Innovative Science Communication, Broader Impacts, Science Workshops, Professional Development for Educators, and Program Assessments.

Amit Basu
Associate Professor of Chemistry
(401) 863-9897

Professor Basu's research group is interested in questions that lie at the interface of chemistry, biology, and materials science.

Ian Dell'Antonio
Associate Professor of Physics

Professor Dell'Antonio's research centers on observational cosmology, the experimental measurement of the fundamental properties of the Universe.

Anne Fausto-Sterling
Professor of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry
(401) 863-2109

Professor Fausto-Sterling's work applies dynamic systems theory to the study of human development.

Karen M. Fischer
Professor of Geological Sciences
GeoChemistry Building, Room 163
(401) 863-1360

Professor Fischer's research uses seismic waves to image the structure of the Earth's crust and mantle in order to better understand dynamic processes inside the Earth.

Meenakshi Narain
Professor of Physics
(401) 863-2634

Narain’s research interests  are in experimental high energy physics and her ultimate goal is to illuminate the character of physics at the TeV energy scale.

John Stein
Senior Lecturer of Neuroscience
(401) 863-2263

In addition to his teaching and administrative duties at Brown, John Stein collaborates with members of the Brown community and local professionals to bring innovative science instruction into local high schools.

Sarah Taylor

Instructional Coordinator/Science Learning Specialist
(401) 863-6891

Ms. Taylor also oversees enhanced group tutoring for courses in chemistry and physics at the Science Center.

Jan Tullis
Professor of Geological Sciences
Royce Family Professor in Teaching Excellence
(401) 863-1921

Professor Tullis' research involves experimental investigations of the deformation mechanisms, microstructures, and rheology of crustal rocks.

James Valles
Professor of Physics
(401) 863-7559

Professor Valles does research in experimental condensed matter physics, in the areas of superconductivity, electron correlation effects in disordered metals and nanostructures, and magnetic fields as a new tool for cell biology and biopolymerization.

Thomas Webster
Associate Professor of Engineering
(401) 863-2318

Professor Webster directs the Nanomedicine Laboratory, which designs, synthesizes, and evaluates nanomaterials for various implant applications.