Workshop Descriptions

Introductory LaTeX: 

This introduction provides all the tools needed to make common documents in LaTeX, including problem sets and lab reports. No familiarity with LaTeX is assumed. (However, it is necessary to have a working LaTeX installation. Please see the Installation Guide.)

Topics will include: the structure of LaTeX documents, basic formatting and document layout, math in LaTeX, how to use packages, and more. The workshop will also overview good writing and style for technical documents.

Intermediate LaTeX: 

These workshops will cover a selection of more intermediate-level LaTeX topics. Topics include: Math and Thesis writing, TikZ package (for making graphics inside LaTeX). Each  workshop will also have a few rotating topics based on audience interests.

Fall 2019 Workshop Dates!

10/9- Introduction & Math

11/6- Thesis Writing

12/4- Graphics & Posters

All workshops are held on Wednesdays from 12pm - 1 pm at the Science Center Room 315.

Any questions? Email us! 
[email protected]