“CURE” Courses at Brown

Research-Based “CURE” Courses at Brown

Have you considered getting involved in research during your time at Brown? Do you want to take courses that emphasize learning real-world skills and applying them to authentic research projects? If so, CURE courses are a great place to start exploring authentic research! CURE stands for course-based undergraduate research experience. Unlike other mentored research experiences, you don’t have to contact a professor or apply - just simply enroll in a research-based course that appeals to you. It’s a great place to start building your skill set and learn more about what it means to do research in STEM fields. 

Spring 2020 CURE CoursesSpring 2020 CURE Courses















Examples of Research Projects in CUREs:

  • In ENGN 1860, students documented their R&D projects in blog posts you can find on this course page. 

  • In CLPS 1591, students use a virtual reality system to test their own hypothesis about visual systems.

  • In BIOL 1555, students use data science and informatics to investigate a novel question related to biomedical research or health care. 

Student Experiences:

“I really enjoyed the semi-independent research aspect of the course, as well as the fact that we were able to do something new that no one had done before.” 

- Student in BIOL 0285

“Taking on a self directed semester-long project prepared me for what work is like after graduation. I learned how to work with others productively and use our collective minds to be more creative. It was also very satisfying to make something I am proud of. This project was my favorite part of this semester!” 

- Student in ENGN 1860

Poster Session

At the end of the semester, students in CURE courses present their projects at a poster session. This experience will help you develop your scientific communication skills and practice for what it is like to present your work at a scientific meeting/conference. For examples of these posters, check out the Brown Digital Repository Collection

CURE Poster FairCURE Poster Fair

CURE Course Offerings:

Fall Courses

BIOL 0190R: Phage Hunters, Part I (first-year seminar)

BIOL 0600: Genetic Screening in Model Organisms

BIOL 1515/2015: Conservation in the Genomics Age 

CLPS1195: Life Under Water in the Anthropocene 

NEUR 1630: Open-Source Big Data Neuroscience Lab 

Spring Courses

BIOL 0190S: Phage Hunters, Part II (first-year seminar)

BIOL 0285: Inquiry in Biochemistry: From Gene to Protein Function

BIOL 0440: Inquiry in Plant Biology: Analysis of Plant Growth, Reproduction and Adaptive Responses

BIOL 1555: Methods in Informatics and Data Science for Health

BIOL 0940G: Antibiotic Drug Discovery: Identifying Novel Soil Microbes to Combat Antibiotic Resistance

CHEM 0500: Inorganic Chemistry

CLPS 1591: Experimental analysis of vision for action and vision for perception: Are there separate mechanisms? 

ENGN 1860: Advanced Fluid Mechanics

If you have more questions about CURE courses, contact [email protected]