2014 Nanotechnology REU Program

December 16, 2013
N-REU Flyer

I wish to bring to your attention the Nanotechnology Research Experience for Undergraduates (N-REU) Program. Students are very interested in nanotechnology, and its research activities cut across most of the major scientific disciplines. Our program has an 18-year history of providing the highest quality nanotechnology research experience to undergraduates from a broad spectrum of fields and institutions.

If funding is approved, the N-REU Program will be hosted at eleven of the leading nanotechnology university laboratories in the United States. The program will be run much the same as the previous NNIN REU Programs, http://www.nnin.org/reu. Our programs have always received high praise from participants.

Unfortunately, timing is an issue. National Science Foundation funding for NNIN ends soon and we do not expect an announcement for the Next Generation NNIN until the end of February. Funding for this program thus has not been secured. However, we are taking applications for a program in any case -- but we must make you aware that the program may be canceled before March 1. We will know the funding status before any internship offers are made.

N-REU participants will undertake a challenging nanotechnology project working with faculty and staff at the participating institutions, and using the advanced equipment and process resources of available in those laboratories. Our program provides a high level of support from faculty, mentors, and staff to assure that the students have a successful experience.

There are several unique aspects to our program. Students apply once, on-line, to be considered for participation across the participating sites, for approximately 60 internships at eleven major universities. At the end of our program, all the N-REU REU participants will gather at one site for a three-day research convocation where they present their results to their peers. This exposes the students to the breadth of nanotechnology applications researched by their peers and is a formative professional networking experience.

Our program is highly competitive. We expect to receive over 800 applications for our 60 internships. The program is most suitable for students who have completed their sophomore or junior years in science or engineering, and who are interested in a science or engineering career. We especially encourage applications from women and minorities, students from smaller non-research institutions, and students with limited or no research experience. We think that our program offers a superior research experience and unparalleled opportunities available across the range of nanotechnology disciplines - chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering.

Please go to the N-REU REU web site at http://www.nnin.org/reu for additional information and the on-line application.