The LaTeX Workshop Series

March 29, 2014

For the past several Sundays, the Science Center has been filled with students learning how to create, format, and type in the LaTeX typesetting system. The Science Center’s newest workshop is centered on LaTeX, a typesetting system that creates high-quality, technical documents. LaTeX is used extensively in the STEM field, and many Brown courses require a basic knowledge for homework assignments and projects. The goal of the Science Center’s LaTeX Workshop Series is to teach interested students how to use LaTeX for school assignments, resume building, publishing articles, and any other STEM endeavors.

These LaTeX workshops combine skilled instructors and eager students to create a teaching platform that incorporates lectures, interactive learning, and one-on-one teaching assistance. In the workshops, students are taught how to navigate through the LaTeX program. The sessions are an hour and a half of interactive learning, in which students listen to instructors teach through a topic as they practice it themselves on their computers. As the students apply the newly learned concepts, multiple LaTeX instructors are available around the room to assist and guide students through questions and concerns. Toward the end of each session, students ask trained LaTeX instructors questions regarding their own specific homework assignments or personal projects.

The instructors of this workshop are passionate and trained in using LaTeX. Dan Parker ‘14 says, “We instructors here really like latex and thinks it’s a really beautiful tool for making documents. And we want to share that with people.” The Science Center, along with the instructors, recognizes the growing prevalence and value of LaTeX, and we want to provide resources for as many students as possible to excel in it.

Students with all levels of experience in LaTeX are welcome!