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Tasteberries: The Taste-Twisting Experience

March 11, 2014

Tasteberries has come and gone!

In its 4th year, the Science Center brought back one of its most popular events – Tasteberries. The event focuses on a large, red, magical berry that alters your taste buds. The berry, once consumed, creates a flavor-inverting experience on your tongue that allowed students to chew down lemon wedges as if they were candy-coated lemon drops. Our own Professor Stein, from Brown’s Department of Neuroscience, explained the fascinating science behind the cosmic fruit. Afterwards, each student received a berry to eat, and then traveled through various taste testing stations to experience the berry’s effects. Every year, students are surprised and amazed by the taste-inverting effects of the simple berry. It’s truly something you don’t want to miss!

This year’s Tasteberries Birthday Celebration was held on Wednesday, March 5th, in the Science Center. For future reference, there are a limited amount of berries available, so if you wish to go to next year's event, please make sure to register early. As with any birthday celebration, this event  also had birthday cake!

For more information on last year’s event, check out the BDH article on it here.